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EasyDrive Partnerships main goal is to provide excellent customer service to our learners.

Once you book with EasyDrive Partnership you are then agreeing to the terms and conditions.

1 - EasyDrive Partnership will provide you with a DVSA driving instructor and a modern dual control car.


2 - Special offers are non- refundable once booked unless 48 hours notice is given.

3 - You must provide your provisional licence on the day of your first lesson.

4 - You must be able to read a number plate from 67 feet (20.5m). The learner must wear glasses or contacts if needed.


5 - No learner should be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the instructors decision is final if he/ she notices any signs of the above, the lesson will be cancelled with no refund.


6 - Easydrive Partnership learners are expected to keep up good behaviour and acceptable manners, Easydrive Partnership will not tolerate abusive behaviour towards the instructor or physical damage, the learner will be accountable for any damage or shortfalls.


7 - The instructors vehicle should be treated with utmost care and respect, any deliberate damage caused must be paid for by the learner responsible.


8 - The learner must be ready to start the lesson at the agreed time, waiting time is chargeable.


9 - EasyDrive Partnership provides no guarantee of waiting times for either theory or driving tests.


10 - While every effort will be made by your instructor, should the learner be considered not to have reached the satisfactory level of driving or is likely to be dangerous to themselves, people on the road, third parties or property, EasyDrive Partnership will reserve the right to refuse to present the learner to test, no refunds will be made.


11 - EasyDrive Partnership cannot, will not, be held responsible for any expenses incurred in the event of the DVSA cancelling a test, all complaints on this are solely with the DVSA.


12 - We aim to retain the same instructor throughout your course, however EasyDrive Partnership has the right to alter this policy in the event of illness, holidays, breakdowns and unforeseen circumstances.


13 - For the safety of all EasyDrive Partnership learners must follow the instructors guidance, directions and instructions at all times, if the learner doesn’t cooperate in the interest of safety then the course will become void.


14 - Learners must give a 36 hour period of time to cancel their lesson, if the lesson is cancelled under this time period, then the lesson will be charged for.

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