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Bill Cambridge

Bill has been a Driving Instructor for a good many years.

Bill looks after the Organisations Website and is the Customer Services Manager.
He liaises between the Students and the Instructors on a daily basis.


Malcolm Smith

Malcolm has also been an Instructor for a good number of years.

Malcolm is the Sales Manager and liaises with potential new instructors both those
looking for training and those considering joining from other driving schools.

Easydrive was founded by Bill Cambridge in 2015 and has helped many people pass their driving test.

In 2020 Easydrive became Easydrive Partnership when Malcolm Smith joined the driving school as joint owner. Bill and Malcolm have both been driving instructors for a good number of years, they have both recently completed the Tri-Coaching Train the Trainer Course with Tri-Coaching Partnership Limited. As a result of this, Easydrive Partnership are already currently training a number of people to become Driving Instructors. We are very pleased with the progress that our Instructors are making and are looking forward to them joining our team.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Although not officially registered as an ISO Company, Easydrive Partnership Limited is closely following the requirements of the ISO 9001.2015 Quality Management System Standard. The Organisation recognises the importance of maintaining an appropriate level of competence and efficiency when it comes to its Driving Instructor and Pupil records. Easydrive Partnership limited has maintained ISO led features in the following areas.

The Scope of the Business
Process Flowchart
Quality Objectives
Risk Register
Master Documents Register

Approved Suppliers List
Non-Conformance reports
Quality Management Review Meetings

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