Join Us - Become a driving instructor with EasyDrive

ADIs and PDIs required

  • Franchises are available with Easydrive at great prices
  • We offer 3 weeks franchise holiday a year
  • Part time and full time franchises - under 20 hours is part time
  • 1 year contracts - Easydrive will look after its instructors./li>
  • First 4 weeks are franchise free.
  • Use your own dual control car or use one of our cars
  • Headboard supplied
  • Pupils supplied

Becoming a driving instructor is something you need to want to do, its very rewarding with lots of job satisfaction that certainly beats the 9-5 routine, you can work the hours that suit you, earn a good income depending on the hours you work, 30 hours a week should be earning you around £600-700 a week and thats after youve paid your franchise fee and petrol used obviously if you were doing more hours then your salary will be rising higher.
The process of qualifying is as follows
You must be 21 or over with no more the 6 points on your licence
1 - CRB check - this is a criminal history check and takes a few weeks
2 -Part 1 - Theroy test - you need to study to have a excellent understanding of the road rules and signs
3 -Part 2 - Driving test - the driving test is longer then a normal driving test and will include all types of driving and reversing skills
4 - Part 3 - Ability to teach - this is the hardest one but with good instruction from EasyDrive you will be fine.
you can have as many attempts at part 1 and part 2 but only 3 attempts at part 3, if in the highly unlikely event you fail part 3, 3 times you have to go back to part 1 again
The cost of the training is £999 but you get half back when you pass part 3 and join the EasyDrive franchise,
So whether your an ADI looking for a change with a friendly helpful driving school or your looking for a rewarding career change, give us a call on 07460524242

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