Do I need to pass my theory test before I take lessons?

  • No you don’t need to pass the theory test & hazard perception before you take a driving lesson. All you need to start taking lessons is your provisional licence. EasyDrive can also help you with any questions on the theory test during your lessons. You will also need to buy the DSA Theory Test & Highway Code Book along with the Hazard Perception DVD, or, the Official Theory test Kit DVD, which has both the Theory & Hazard parts on disc.

How many lessons will I need before I apply for my test?

  • EasyDrive get asked this all the time. EasyDrive won't know this until EasyDrive have seen you drive and EasyDrive will then discuss your progress with you and when you are ready EasyDrive will advise you the best time to apply for your test.

I can drive already - can I just book my test now?

  • Even someone who has had lessons privately need to get in the car with a qualified instructor to see how well you can drive. Also there are minor faults that you could be making that will fail you on the day that we can highlight and work on. EasyDrive are professionals and will give you guidance and to when you are ready.

Do you offer intensive courses?

What car will I be driving?

  • EasyDrive use a vauxall corsa 1.4 manual car for lessons, it’s great to drive and comes with heated steering wheel and heated seats for the winter months and cooling air conditioning for the summer. It also has automatic windscreen wipers and automatic anti dazzle mirrors for night driving, it’s ideal for learning to drive in.

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